Elegance doubles up

Devon&Devon presents a fine selection of furniture and double consoles

With its unmistakable touch, original design and sought-after quality, Devon&Devon presents a fine selection of furniture and double consoles.

Among elegant reeditions and customised realisations, the new creations signed by the art director of the brand Paola Tanini, have been designed to furnish the most beautiful bathrooms in private homes, resorts and hotels worldwide. The new twin “pieces” perfectly express the eclectic taste and innate ability to blend a variety of styles and own inspirations of the brand.

The glamourous allure of the Jazz Age - Double Music – coexists with the rigour of the American Deco - Double Claridge – along with the echoes of Anglo-Saxon tradition of the late nineteenth century - Double Season and Double Madison – and the 1920s design - Wide Blues and Memphis.

Many of these pieces, created as special projects for the hotel industry, have been included in the Devon&Devon catalogue exactly to emphasise the design propensity for tailor made furniture, already evident in the The Tailored Bathroom project, dedicated to the creation of customised bathroom furniture.

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