PITTI 2017



Devon&Devon on display at IED Florence

Devon&Devon showcases at the prestigious headquarters of the institute IED situated in Via Bufalini, four freestanding cast iron bathtubs in four exclusive colours installed in a specific exhibit site, dedicated to new trends and high class craftsmanship.
The bathtubs converse with products of two other known Florentine brands; "SuperDuper Hats" (hats) and D.A.T.E. (Sneakers), which have been reworked for the occasion by the IED students.

The exhibition, curated by Giovanni Ottonello, Art Director IED, entitled SHAKE IT | SHAPE & SHARE is part of a wider program of events - workshops, conferences, exhibitions and interpretations – which aims to inform of the new trends, the jobs of the future, intercepting the coolest designers in the industry.

"We firmly believe that cooperation between businesses and educational institutions is fundamental to the cultural and economic growth of our country - says Gianni Tanini CEO of Devon&Devon - for this we are grateful to Florence IED for having proposed this exchange of knowledge. From our side we are pleased to provide the students with our own specific expertise to bring the academic world nearer to the productive side."

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